C.H.T.A. Membership Information

Cumberland Homesteads Tower Association is a 501-C3 non-profit organization that depends heavily on its membership for support. 

Membership categories are as follows: 

Individual Membership: $25 per year – includes unlimited visits to both museums  

Family Membership:  $40 includes 2 family members – unlimited visits to both museums. 

Lifetime Membership: $500 (one time only) – unlimited visits to both museums & special programs. Includes admission to Apple Festival. 

Homesteader Membership: $22 – unlimited visits to both museums. You Must be either a current or past Homesteads resident or have attended or worked at Homestead School. Does not include Apple Festival or other fund-raising events.

Members receive a C.H.T.A. membership card by mail which can be presented for unlimited free admission to both museums throughout the season. You will also receive our quarterly newsletters and any other mailings throughout the year! 
Come as often as you like!

Please join C.H.T.A. and support the mission of preserving and telling the Story of the Cumberland Homesteads!

Visit the Tower Museum or call 931-456-9663 to become a member